This is a sensitive and controversial topic all over the land. Same sex unions are discussed in hushed tones, religions condemn such, societies condemn such, and even some countries have made it illegal to be gay or a lesbian.

All types of relationship have issues that need constant review by both partners. Some issues can be resolved with cooperation and understanding of both partners, alone, or via professional help e.g. counseling and medication.


During courtship there are some key elements of a potential partner that you cannot afford to ignore so that the resulting relationship and/or marriage will be successful. The elements follow each other in A B C D E F order, not necessarily in importance.

Many people always ask this question, “How can I know it is true love?” given the number of hypocrites in this world, it is a difficult question. However, it is possible to observe some elements in a relationship and know whether it is true love or not.

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