9 Indictors of a potential passionate husband




Maturity of age is not complete without the maturity of character. A mature man is able to handle this life with a lot of ease and that includes how he handles himself, his wife and his family in relation to the whole society. If a man is not able to handle himself, how does he expect a lady to trust him into being able to handle her in particular and life in general? Maturity defines how responsible a man can be in life.

Immaturity is unforgivable to many serious ladies. A mature man shows maturity in emotional, mental and physical aspects of his life. Charisma is also associated with maturity of character.


Ability to love and respect other people defines someone of desirable character, and many ladies are attracted to men who are able to show love, respect and appreciation to her in particular and other people in general. A lady will perceive a man’s ability to love his family by the amount of love he extends to other people. A man who is caring will be able to understand a lady’s feelings and compliment her towards making her a wonderful lady in the society.

A passionate man will show his ability to love and respect other people and that includes a lady he is with, his family, her family and friends, etc Passionate love is all about true and strong love towards the entire humanity and a man who is able to love without reservations even animals, that is a potential passionate husband.


Any man who offers you moral and emotional support is a supportive man. Being supportive indicates the man is able to stand with you in good and bad times. Does the man encourage you, help you define or redefine your life’s focus, does he offer you proper guidance and support whenever necessary, and does he go an extra mile to ensure that you are happy? Then that is a potential passionate husband.

A man who ensures by all means that you are comfortable in his company, and is also able to resolve any relationship crisis he has with you when you are dating also sends the signals that he is a potential passionate mate. If you get such a man as a lady, hold on to him.


A confident and secure man is really passionate to ladies, not to be confused with arrogance. A man need not be like James Bond to make you feel secure and protected, all he needs is confidence.  Confidence is all about having a positive attitude towards life and believing in one’s abilities.

A man who portrays confidence in what he is, who he is, and in every situation is more likely to be passionate than a man who does not. Confident men will easily try out something new in general life, in romance and sex, in careers etc.


This should not be taken in the wrong light. Financial or economic stability does not necessarily mean that the man has to be driving the latest car model, possessing the flashiest phone, living in the most expensive bungalow etc. It only means that the man is capable of taking care of himself and those near him within his means, at ease without bothering the outer world.

It is also true love alone is not enough for a stable marriage, the finance factor is also important and hence ladies will settle easily for a more financially stable man if he has what it takes to be a husband.


A man who has faith in a lady and her abilities comes across as very passionate. Ladies naturally love compliments and appreciation.

A man who appreciates who you are as of now, believes in your abilities, and encourages you into being a better self is more likely to be a passionate husband than one who does not.

A man who also does not talk ill of you in your absence or your presence, belittle you or seeks to make you feel inferior compared to him or to other people is a potential passionate husband. A man who has faith in you is more likely to be open to you, he does not fear talking to you about his past successes and failures, his fears, his worries, his aspirations and goals in life, etc. He takes any and every opportunity to build trust between the two of you.

What other characteristics does a potential passionate husband possess? Let us know.

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