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All you need to know about passionate love.

Keeping love and romance going calls for being able to do the many little things that we tend to ignore but they really matter in love life. The gentle touches, the soft kisses, the little surprises here and there all add fire to love and romance.


9 Indictors of a potential passionate husband

Getting a passionate partner is everybody’s dream and every single lady out there would wish to get a passionate husband to settle with in the near or far future. The modern world has many challenges and one of them is being able to pick a passionate man in the crowd of many whom think they qualify to be called passionate men.

This is a sensitive and controversial topic all over the land. Same sex unions are discussed in hushed tones, religions condemn such, societies condemn such, and even some countries have made it illegal to be gay or a lesbian.

We have the different types of relationships which is because we also have different expectations when entering into a relationship. There is no perfect type of relationship for everyone. Before entering into any type of relationship, it is good to discuss it beforehand. Below are the most popular types.

All types of relationship have issues that need constant review by both partners. Some issues can be resolved with cooperation and understanding of both partners, alone, or via professional help e.g. counseling and medication.

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Religion is part and parcel of the society and so many sexual behaviors are influenced by the religious practices that are spread across the world in general to some extent. Each religion has some form of moral codes covering sexual behaviors.

Most people experience their first sexual pleasure during masturbation whether it involves touching and stimulation of erogenous zones including sexual organs. First time sex however involving two people of the opposite sex comes with mixed feelings, either of love, infatuation, guilt, etc

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