Sex and Traditions

Traditions too shape sexual lives in many ways. We all belong to certain communities that had or have sexual practices that are tied to our sexuality and have some influence on our sex lives. Let us examine some of them.


Some African communities had ceremonial circumscision that marked a beginning of another stage of someone’s life, normally adulthood. Circumsion involves the removal of the penis’ foreskin. Some communities e.g. Kikuyus and Merus had a unique way of circumcising men. The foreskin was tied to the under side of the penis, right below the glans (penis’ head). The skin would heal attached there. It was meant to reduce the normally overwhelming sexual sensations thus making the man able to last longer during active thrusting of penis inside the vagina, thus eliminating the chances of pre-mature ejaculation and enhancing the woman’s pleasure.

Female Circumcision called FGM was practiced by some communities too. FGM is of many forms, involving the removal of the clitoris, labia minora, or both. FGM however seems to have a negative impact upon sex, since the removal of clitoris reduces a woman’s sexual sensations. But with love and care, women who have undergone Female Genital Mutilation can still have sex and attain an orgasm.

Kachambali and Kunyaza

Some communities from Central Africa had some sexual arts that are meant to enhance the woman’s sexual pleasure. Kunyaza and Kachambali are sexual techniques that allow very high arousal for the female until the rare type of orgasm, accompanied by female ejaculation or squirting, is achieved.

The male partner uses his penis head to stimulate the woman’s labia minora and majora, clitoris, and the outer genital areas, while assuming some zigzag motions. The hands can also be used to do so when the man has penetrated. The resulting build up of sexual tension in the woman stimulates the skene glands located approximately under where the clitoris is, thus resulting in releasing of clear fluid that is forcefully ejaculated via the urethra with such force the fluid can go as high as 3 feet in the air. These sexual arts require prior knowledge for both man and woman, as they can be messy after the woman’s ejaculation. Those who practice them admit that they are very pleasurable.


This is a sexual art practiced in the Far East Countries e.g. China, Malaysia etc. They normally require very high training of the pelvic floor muscles and superior sexual capabilities. Taoism sex involves a situation where the man is able to attain an orgasm or several orgasms without ejaculating. When the man senses he is about to ejaculate, he holds his pelvic floor muscles tightly enough as to stop the semen and sperms from coming out. The resulting sensation is an orgasm without ejaculation, or dry orgasm. Taoist enthusiasts maintain that the semen and sperms are reabsorbed into the body, unlike where a dry orgasm involves retrograde ejaculation where sperms are reversed into the bladder. Taoists maintain that the life’s energy is found in the human semen thus the semen must be retained in the body.

There are so many sexual practices tied to traditions that cannot be covered here. But some bizarre sexual practices tied to traditions are:

  • The Sambian tribe in Papua New Guinea, the young men must drink and ingest the semen of their elders in order to be initiated into adulthood.
  • Ancient Egypt Pharaohs would practice public masturbation. They would ritually masturbate in the banks of river Nile to ensure abundance of water.
  • In Iran, a couple willing to have sex before marriage can request a “temporary marriage”
  • The Wodaabee tribes in Niger, men are allowed to steal each other’s wives.
  • The Marduadjara tribes, they have an Aboriginal rite that involves the man being circumcised to injest his own foreskin, and there after have his penis cut in the under side close to the scrotum. The man will henceforth be urinating using that underside instead of the urethra.

NB: Some sexual traditions can be dangerous and injurious to one’s health.

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