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Ben wa balls for kegels Ben wa balls for kegels

A sex toy is a device that is designed to facilitate sexual pleasure and normally shaped like human sexual organs. Sex toys are also known as adult toys and “marital aid”. Sex toys are sold in sex shops. Examples are dildo and vibrator.


There are many classes of sex toys.

Erotic furniture: This is furniture specially shaped for comfort, penetrations levels and sexual stimulation. They may be in form of chairs, coaches etc

More examples of sex toys

Dildo: This is a penetrative device used to sexually stimulate the vagina and is normally shaped as a penis. Dildos come in different sizes and shapes too.

Ben Wa Balls: Hollow metal or plastic balls which can be worn inside  a vagina for an extended period of time. The internal rolling is said to enhance orgasms. They can also be used for kegel exercises.

Kegel exerciser: Also called vagina barbells or jugglers. They are designed to enhance to improve pelvic floor muscle tone, and can be used for enhancing sexual pleasure and vaginal response.

Vibrators:  These are forms of vibrating devices meant to stimulate the body’s erotic zones. There are both penetrative and non-penetrative vibrators. Penetrative vibrators are normally between 5 to 7 inches long and 1 to 2 inches wide, meant to imitate the average human penis. There are several types of vibrator e.g. anal vibrator, G-spot vibrator, bullet vibrator etc

Nipple toys: These are devices meant to stimulate the nipples either by applying controlled pressure or via suction that creates nipple engorgement.

Penile toys: There are a variety of penile toys too. One of them is the artificial vagina, shaped like the woman’s vagina to facilitate penile stimulation imitating vaginal sex. Another device called cock ring, is used to trap the blood to maintain a firm erection. Other penile toys exist too.

Care must be taken when using sex toys to avoid getting hurt. When one is purchasing a sex toy, one should look at the material used to make them to avoid toxic materials. Sex toy manufacturers classify them as novelty since they find the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to have extensive testing and financial requirements for sex toys to be classified as medical devices.

Also absolute cleanliness must be maintained for sex toys, always wash them before and after using them.

Some countries like India, sex toys are illegal. Other societies don’t display them in sex shops like any other gadget due to other ethical issues.

Anthony Kerry

Website owner, articles author, and a hobbyist sexologist who loves educating people on sexual relationships and related topics.

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