Same Sex Relationships

This is a sensitive and controversial topic all over the land. Same sex unions are discussed in hushed tones, religions condemn such, societies condemn such, and even some countries have made it illegal to be gay or a lesbian.


Homosexuality is considered as a social deviation in most cultures and societies, and they practicing it are even shunned by people.

Scientists have of late claimed that being gay can be traced to ones genes. A gay man is more likely than a straight man to have a (biological) gay brother; lesbians are more likely than straight women to have gay sisters.

The environment that we also grow in may to a large extent shape our sexual behaviors. As much as we admire other people of the opposite sex who are not our spouses, we know that it is right to be monogamous due to cultural upbringing that shaped our behavioral tendencies.

In ancient Greece, homosexual behavior was acceptable thus being gay was right for them.

Your upbringing may shape what you believe is right or wrong. Children born of Levyan Satanic parent are more likely to accept homosexuality since in that religion it is not prohibited. Thus how we bring up our children may shape their sexual behaviors.

If you find yourself getting attracted to members of the same sex sexually, then you have homosexual tendencies.

The belief that gays and lesbians are not normal physically is however wrong. These are people who are normal and can form other relationships too with members of the opposite sex. Some people are in good heterosexual relationships but have secret homosexual relationships outside. Homosexuality should be treated like any other social deviation that needs to be dealt with from a social angle. But jailing and killing them won’t help.

Anthony Kerry

Website owner, articles author, and a hobbyist sexologist who loves educating people on sexual relationships and related topics.

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