Relationship types

We have the different types of relationships which is because we also have different expectations when entering into a relationship. There is no perfect type of relationship for everyone. Before entering into any type of relationship, it is good to discuss it beforehand. Below are the most popular types.


Open relationship

This is a relationship where both partners are open to have other romantic unions, sexual unions and other intimate contacts with other people of their desire. This type of relationship demands total honesty and openness with each other regarding individual sexual encounters.

Some of the reasons why people engage in open relationships are:

  • The thrill of being sexually intimate without hindering someone to pursue other sexual conquests.
  • The idea that one or both partners might in the future get someone more suitable to get married to.
  • Sexual incompatibility as someone goes on searching someone whom they are sexually compatible.
  • Where people are no longer in love and they are bound to each other through other factors like children, family, money etc
  • To continue having sex with no strings attached, and perhaps to gain more sexual experience.

This type of relationship works well for some people. However, jealousy may creep in later. The best thing is to talk and discuss thoroughly before entering into this type of relationship.

Matrimonial relationship

This is a relationship where there is a legal and binding union between two people. This is the most socially, culturally and religiously accepted form of relationship where people are living together.

Two people must agree before settling for this type of relationship. Relatives may be involved too. Most such unions are marked by a wedding which is perpetuated via anniversaries.

Come we stay relationship

This is also another form of relationship that is gaining popularity especially among urban centers. Many young people are opting to live together due to financial reasons, sexual reasons, among others. This type of relationship may be dissolved by one or both parties at a later time, or may be formalized into a legal union later.

Kenyan constitution has of late accorded this type of relationship marriage status of people stay in it more than 6 months. In some cultures, this relationship is not so socially accepted.

Long distance relationship

Romantic unions where two people are geographically separated may be termed as long distance relationship. Nowadays, this type of relationship is becoming more popular due to people getting jobs in various geographically diverse locations. This type of relationship has been made more tolerable due to the recent improved forms of telecommunication e.g. mobile phones.

This type of relationship is also a bit challenging since no constant physical intimacy and the distance naturally makes some people deviate from their union. Before commencing in long distance relationship, it is good to weigh the pros and cons to know if it will be possible or if it is worth it.

Devoted relationship

This is the type of relationship where two individuals engaging in it vow to remain loyal to each other exclusively not limited to sex alone. Faithfulness and trust is important in this type of relationship. Constant communication is also good to keep on evaluating whether you are still committed to each other.

Many young people are entering into this type of union before getting married. The devotion characterized by this relationship, many use it to determine if someone will be able to hold on even after marriage.

Same sex relationship

This is a type of relationship where people of the same sex i.e. gays and lesbians are involved. A lot of controversies have been going on whether to legally and socially recognize these types of unions with some churches allowing them too. All major religions except Satanism forbid this type of union. In some countries, same sex relationships are also illegal.

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