True Love

Many people always ask this question, “How can I know it is true love?” given the number of hypocrites in this world, it is a difficult question. However, it is possible to observe some elements in a relationship and know whether it is true love or not.

  • Evaluate what you do to each other at any given time. Relationships are a give take affair. If you find yourself giving out more than you are receiving, or not receiving at all, then that is not true love.
  • Evaluate your feelings. If you don’t feel secure with your partner in all aspects, then there is something missing in that relationship.
  • Observe how sex affects your feelings. Does it leave you satisfied, guilty, feeling cheap, feeling used, hurt, etc. Sex is not everything in a relationship and may make you feel different depending on the situation, but it should mostly make two lovers closer not tear them apart.
  • Observe how you handle conflicts. Do you argue in front of people, do you carry conflicts forward for another day, do you always end up in a physical fight, do you involve other people in your conflicts etc. No matter how much you fight, your partner should always stand up to defend you in front of other people, relatives and friends.
  • Consider your feelings to move the relationship forward. How much do you feel that the relationship has a future? Do you feel the need to introduce him/her to your friends, relatives etc
  • Consider how much confidence you have with your partner. Do you always feel like sharing secrets with him/her? Is she/he the first person you always wish to tell news? Do you often miss your partner when not with him/her? If you are free to share your inner thoughts with him/her, then probably that is love.
  • Observe how you feel and imagine a life without him/her. If you feel that it is normal to live without your partner, something is not working in that relationship. Also if your partner tells you that he/she can quit that relationship anytime and feel no loss, then that is not true love.
Anthony Kerry

Website owner, articles author, and a hobbyist sexologist who loves educating people on sexual relationships and related topics.

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