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With many men, sex is all about wham bam bam and it is out within minutes. Many men leave their ladies hanging with desire and this frustrates women a lot. Worse, some men do not even have a clue on how to give a woman orgasm.

But giving ladies orgasms is so easy such that ladies should get an orgasm with all sexual encounters.  We at passionate lovers believe that it is every woman’s right to get an orgasm every time she has sex and failure to, you are only misusing her honey pot.

Below are 6 TIPS to ensure you always give lady orgasms every time you have sex. Read on…




This is the number one tip, very important. A lady who is relaxed is a lady ready to get an orgasm! Make the lady be free and feel comfortable being with you and being at that place. Reassure her of your feelings for her and show her that you are confident not only of yourself but about her as a woman.  Set the mood for her to feel at peace with you and the surroundings. This can be achieved by hugging her, cuddling her, holding her waist while seated together, and including talking to her. If she had a rough day, it is better to also aid her relaxation by caressing her gently while holding her.



Foreplay is like the highway to a woman’s orgasm! The much you use it, the higher the chances of giving her an orgasm. The trick here is to make foreplay last well enough until she is begging to have you inside her! Be creative with foreplay too. Spend quality time kissing her all over the places, caressing her, fondling her breasts, stroking her butts, stimulating her clitoris, licking her neck, gently blowing on her ears lobes as you nibble her ears etc.

Foreplay serves to make the lady ready for sex. There is no time limit for foreplay, but shorter foreplays are not sweet to women.



Make use of kegels. Adopting a routine of kegel exercises will make them strong enough such that they can be employed during sex. When you are sliding your dick inside your lady, do kegels to make the dick firmer, more energetic and to enable you to avoid ejaculating too soon. You can do a kegel when aiming at certain spots inside her vagina e.g. G-Spot for maximum impact.

When inside her, flex your PC muscles until you feel the dick moving gently, then release the pressure. Flex until she feels it bulging inside her, do that repeatitively until you excite her vaginal muscles such that orgasmic waves starts welling from deep inside her. Keep flexing until she orgasms, and continue flexing as if imitating her orgasmic rhythm until she has completely climaxed. She will thank you for that buddy!



When you hit the right spots in your lady it works like some magic charm for any lady. Spots like the nipple edges, the ear lobes, the clitoris, the inner thighs, the labia minora, the G-Spot and the A-Spot are among the pressure triggers in a lady. The G-spot is the spot in her upper vagina 2-3 inches deep, while A-Spot is the deepest most part in a woman’s vagina close to the cervix.

Fondling her breasts as you ride her making sure your penis slides past her G-spot and penetrating her so deep until she feels you in her A-spot, then stroking her clitoris in motion to your pumping is a sure way to ignite an orgasm in a lady.

Also penetrating deep enough such that your pubic area is stimulating her clitoris is also pleasurable enough.



Men who give orgasms are open minded and ready to learn from the ladies. Every lady is unique and knows the spots which work magic in her so you will be so kind to follow her cues as she leads you towards giving her maximum pleasure. Look if she wants some hard fUck, slow fUck, rough ride, smooth ride, etc.

All ladies even those who do not talk during sex always give hints on what they really want. Also as a man you can stimulate her senses by talking to her during sex and whispering passionate phrases all along to enhance her pleasure.



Sex is not all about drilling like for oil in an oil rig, as you have sex, take some time out of the vagina and concentrate on stimulating her further. You can withdraw momentarily and suck her clitoris as you lick her honey pot to give her more pleasure. This stimulates her so much such that an orgasm will always be imminent enough. You can also withdraw and use your penis to stimulate her clitoris further, or draw zigzags on her pussy.  You can withdraw and instead tease her clitoris with that head of the penis, draw some zigzags on her pussy opening, run up and down her pussy with that dick….make sure it is wet with her fluids so that it can slide well when drawing zigzags on her labias. This technique is called Kachambali and when you draw zigzags on her labias varying pressure it will stimulate her to the maximum she may even squirt before you re-penetrate!


Wanna know more about giving ladies pleasure in bed?

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