Passionate Love making

All women want to be cuddled after making love a thing which most men do not do, or do not understand.

Men, after you are done making love, it is not yet over, with women it has just began on the emotional side. This is the time for real and passionate bonding, this is the time most women cultivate love. After she has experienced all those hair rising moments of passion, her mind is now relaxed, she feels so much in love. She wants you to :-


Hold her

Kiss her

Cuddle her

Tell her how much you love her

Tell her how sweet she is

Tell her how beautiful she is

Caress her erotically until she feels venerated

Tickle her

==The thing is being passionate and mildly playful. This is the time she will laugh best, she will giggle with you, she will smile for you, she will open her heart for you, it is time for maximum bonding. Her emotions and her inner self is just activated and she can tell you all her secrets. She feels vulnerable and she needs you most at this time when she is lying naked so close to you knowing that you have just made her feel and do what she did embarrassed to do in front of the world, because you now rule her inner private world.


Hey ladies, most men wish you were a bit more creative in bed. Some ladies just go there, undress, lie V and just give out a few “eeeisheee….aaarh” and do nothing expecting the man to sweat on you for 45 minutes, doing what?

You have to be more creative too. Tease the man until he wants more from you, guide the man where you want him to touch you, caress you or squeeze you; hold his hips and control how deep you want him, angle of penetration, speed of pumping and grinding; hold him and give him a tight embrace when he is inside you.

Also men appreciate vocal women too: Not the acts like porn kind of screaming and shouting; but when you talk to the man, e.g. “oh! Yes baby, deeper, faster, sweeter” . Be free with him. Moan when you feel like it, groan to make him know that is sweeter, arch your back and hold him tight to make him know he is doing something in you, wiggle your hips to make him know you really want him to hit all the right spots, etc.

More so; you can ride him off on top of him and control the pace of your own pleasure! Initiate styles, kisses, moves, etc.

After he has made you feel like a queen in bed, also appreciate him. Tell him thank you, or you love him, or he makes you feel wonderful, etc. just let him know he did something great to you! Praise his dick, his body too, etc. Make him want to give you more pleasure, make him feel he is with a woman worth his time too! In after play, after he makes you explode, do not forget to talk passionately to him; he will live to love pleasing and pleasuring you.

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