Why do passionate people smile often?

Ever wondered why some people seem to get almost everything with such an ease in life? Ever wondered why some people seem to succeed in almost everything they try i.e. career life, dating circles, difficult interviews, and all manners of situations? Among their most powerful arsenals of success is their smile.



A sweet, nice, hearty and charming smile is capable of making you irresistible to all people you meet in all circles of life, has the power to transform an average looking person into a very beautiful/handsome and attractive individual that people wish to have around every time.

So, what does a genuine, hearty and nice smile make you to be? Read on.

S = Sweet

M = Marvelous

I = Incredible

L = Lighthearted

E = Entertaining/Enthusiastic


According to my dictionary within the context of a human being, means kind, thoughtful, or generous having an appearance that is charming or endearing. When you smile to someone, you send a signal to that person that you are considerate of his/her feelings towards you. It also means you are friendly enough to associate with him/her. A sweet smile will easily charm someone and endear you to him/her than a serious face. A smile will easily make you affectionately loved and liked by your beholders. You want to be sweet? Learn how to smile my dear!


This means you are a very good or pleasing person, impressive to be precise. Smiling people due to their friendliness are normally very good and pleasant people to everyone they encounter in their daily life. When you are smiling to people when talking often sends the message that you are willing to impress the people around you with your character and attitude. Smiling people also possess a very positive attitude towards life. They actually have an aura of attraction wherever they are.


This means you are extraordinarily good, talented, or enjoyable. People enjoy being close to those who know how to smile and make their life lively. It also means you are just the best that people can have at a particular time. Normally, people who have well nurtured talents have many reasons to smile as they know they have accomplishments in this life and that makes them happy. The greatest talent you can ever possess is a positive attitude towards life, and a smile is among the recipes for a positive attitude.


This means you are not weighed down with worries or troubles and you also are entertaining in an amusing carefree way. You are not worried about being pleasant as that is your nature. People always feel free with you and can easily associate with you. Being able to smile makes you an amusing person as people naturally also enjoy seeing others smile. Your smile is your most powerful charm you can ever posses in this life. A hearty smile also is a sign of the fact that you have nothing to worry about your current situations, as you have a strong belief in yourself.


This means you are enjoyable to watch, or listen to. People are delighted by your company and would wish to spend more time with you. People also like to look at you since they are attracted by your golden smile. It is also natural for people to enjoy listening to someone who talks while smiling than someone who does not. Smiling while talking sends a message that you are considerate of the other person’s feelings and you are open for a friendly and meaningful conversation. Also, being able to smile sends the signal that you possess ENTHUSIASM for life and that you have passionate interest in something or someone and are eager to do something, normally something of goodwill.

So regardless of whatever situation you are in life, just keep smiling and you will see how you will be able to handle this life with ease. Smile whenever:

  • You are approaching someone
  • Greeting someone (The receptionist at the bank may feel more obliged to serve you faster!)
  • Beginning a conversation and talking to people
  • Etc

Practice smiling and you won’t regret that you are always smiling.

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Last modified on Saturday, 01 October 2016 06:46
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