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True Passionate lovers are as rare as Gold .Great Husbands and wives are also very rare. Becoming a great lover is something so many have admired to be in their entire lives and rarely achieve that insomuch some even goes to witch doctors to be able to become great lovers. Truth is, you don’t need to go anywhere but right here, and all you need to become a great lover is freely available here in terms of great advices, love articles, love and relationship books, health and nutrition information, the word of God, sex skills, guidance and counseling, and for the singles, Lovers are right here ready to mingle.


Who is a passionate lover?

A passionate lover is someone who is thoroughly conversant with himself/herself with respect to all aspects of human existence ranging from physical existence, social existence, emotional existence and spiritual existence and uses all these forms of existence to the maximum to extend true love to his/her partner.

This is a lover with an intense desire to extend his/her love towards his/her partner while acknowledging that true love covers all the four aspects of human existence.


What is passionate love?

This is intense love extended from a person who is conversant will all aspects of human existence and how they can all be used to show deep affection towards someone whom they love. Passionate love covers loving someone from physical dimension, social dimension, emotional dimension and spiritual dimension.

We at Passionate Lovers endeavor to impart knowledge and skills that will enable one to have an in-depth understanding of his/her entire self in order to be able to love someone to the heights never known amongst human kind, and to be possess superior ways of appreciating true love.

Love begets love.

Creating a society which has Loving, Caring, Understanding, Patient, and more so, Passionate Lovers

Our mission is guided by principles that believe that true love is patient, kind, not envious, not boastful, humble, and not self-seeking, always protects, trusts and perseveres. True love is also everlasting.

Enlightening the society on how to become great and passionate Lovers while adhering to Natural Laws, Moral Laws, Spiritual Laws and Personal Laws


  • We believe that our bodies must adhere to certain natural laws of health in order to perform optimally.
  • We believe that our morality should adhere to certain moral codes in order to extend true love without fear of heart breaks, emotional pains etc
  • We believe that the spiritual aspect of humanity has a lot to do with shaping our inner thoughts which may in turn be reflected into our actions.
  • We also acknowledge that individual decisions have a role to play in extending true passionate love.


Our Guiding Principles

  • We endeavor to uphold integrity and professionalism
  • We endeavor to remain committed to our work
  • We endeavor to uphold team work  and partnership
  • We endeavor to remain transparent and accountable
  • We endeavor to respect humanity and its decisions
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Anthony Kerry

Website owner, articles author, and a hobbyist sexologist who loves educating people on sexual relationships and related topics.

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