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Getting someone to love online poses a challenge of lack of initial physical contact thus someone is bound to judge you by how you present yourself online. Your score card solely lies on how you make your profile stand out and be unique among many others.

How to make your online profile stand out and be unique

  • Be honest. Lying does not take you far in the dating world. Be as honest as possible. Honesty will take you far both online and offline.
  • Be specific. Be specific with who you are and what you want in a potential mate. If you love music, be specific with the type of music you love. This is bound to attract someone who is more like you.
  • Be positive. The last thing you would display to your potential partner is negativity. Regardless of your social status, positive attitude will make you stand out amongst many in this world full of negative elements.
  • Choose recent photo(s). This makes a potential partner be as most familiar as possible with you. Choose a clear full size photo of yourself.
  • Be concise. Write short and clear descriptions about yourself. Don’t give an entire life history in your profile, save that for when you meet with someone.
  • Employ humor. People are attracted to humorous people by nature more than gloomy people. So in your description of yourself, show people you have a good sense of humor.
  • Avoid errors. Be they grammatical or spelling errors, avoid them. Many people find grammatical and spelling errors as a turn off and also portraying lack of seriousness of character.
  • Update regularly. Be sure to regularly check and update your profile as regularly as possible to show the most recent details of yourself e.g. photo or text. Most dating sites have a web administrator who does that at a fee or as per the initial agreement.
  • List sociable hobbies. People would wish to associate with people whom they can easily fit into their social life. Listing hobbies like, “book warmer, facebooking”, may be a turn off since it will make people feel that you are not a sociable person.
  • Avoid being too obvious. There are activities that are too obvious e.g. “I love going to the beach”, many obviously do that. Be unique, stand out in the crowd.

How to spot a good date online

  • Summarized profile. A very long profile with too many details about someone is an indication of what type of a person that is.
  • Sociability and kindness. A profile that shows someone with characters that indicate kindness e.g. loves charity work, or a profile that mentions volunteering, enjoying having good time with friends, loving kids, is a good sign. Spot hobbies that show kindness.
  • Profile photos settings. Photos that show someone in night clubs, bars, and the like of settings are an indication of someone who is likely not to be at home by 9 pm. It might also indicate a drunkard, or a partying enthusiast. Photos of someone surrounded by many members of the opposite sex, is an indication of someone who, not necessarily likely to be unfaithful, but can ignite your jealousy easily which is harmful for healthy relationships.
  • No arrogance. A profile that shows “all about me” attitude is an indication of a selfish individual.
  • Positivity. People who state in their profiles how they were hurt by their ex, how they hate their ex, how they hate certain tribes, or certain people, etc are bound to carry along that negativity into any new relationship. Look for people with a positive attitude towards life.
  • Reality and honesty. People who uses fake names, unreal names, fake photos, or any fake element in their profile but when you make an actual call they present an almost entirely different person to you, be wary of such. A good degree of anonymity is good but too much anonymity is deceit.
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