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Anthony Kerry

Website owner, articles author, and a hobbyist sexologist who loves educating people on sexual relationships and related topics.


This is the most controversial penis topic that exists about the penis. Many men have at one point in their lives worried about their penis size either due to comparison with porn actors, negative comment from a partner, comparing flaccid size in locker rooms, boarding schools etc.


Penis enlargement, also called penis enhancement, are various procedures that are designed to increase the size of the cavernous cylinders of the penis or to stimulate blood flow to the penis in order to enhance hardness when erect.

Some are audible, some are loud and some are very loud.
Like the cheering squad that makes the game more interesting, sexy sounds and words make sex more interesting. When she/he is saying, “oooh sweeeetie…oooh yeees, fuck me, crush me, touch my clit, hutia mukonyo, touch my tits, press my boobs, let me crush it, let me give it to you baby, oooh yees, so sweet huuuuuu….AND many more”.

Sexy, passionate, sweet sounds that makes the game worth playing, that makes sex sweeter, that enhances the morale of the passionate love making….
Some are soft, silent

All women want to be cuddled after making love a thing which most men do not do, or do not understand.

Men, after you are done making love, it is not yet over, with women it has just began on the emotional side. This is the time for real and passionate bonding, this is the time most women cultivate love. After she has experienced all those hair rising moments of passion, her mind is now relaxed, she feels so much in love. She wants you to :-

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With many men, sex is all about wham bam bam and it is out within minutes. Many men leave their ladies hanging with desire and this frustrates women a lot. Worse, some men do not even have a clue on how to give a woman orgasm.

But giving ladies orgasms is so easy such that ladies should get an orgasm with all sexual encounters.  We at passionate lovers believe that it is every woman’s right to get an orgasm every time she has sex and failure to, you are only misusing her honey pot.

Below are 6 TIPS to ensure you always give lady orgasms every time you have sex. Read on…


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