10 VITAL things you must know in order to experience PASSIONATE SEX


Everybody in an intimate relationship always wish that the sexual union be always memorable, passionate, wonderful, awesome etc. However, many people don’t know what is necessary in order for their sex life to be very fulfilling and passionate.


Sexual pleasure has numerous dimensions whose exploration is limited to the two lovers’ imaginations and willingness to go the extra mile in sex. The greatest sexual organ in the body however is the brain since it is the originator of all impulses for the entire body. In this article we explore 10 things you really need to adhere to in order your sex life be as passionate as it can ever get.


This point can’t be emphasized more. Communication is very important in sex life. Communication is complete if both partners are free with each other to express each others’ desires and have their desires met as communicated.  It is also about saying what feels good, what does not feel good, what you wish done to you more and more, etc You can also encourage your partner to speak out his/her sexual fantasies which is also another great way of arousing passion.

Sex communication goes even outside bedroom. When you are in a park, public place, etc that offers just hearing privacy, discuss sex, talk what drives you wild in bed, appreciate each other and feel free to talk just about anything sexual, this is a sure way of building passionate tension which will explode in the bedroom later.

Also learn to appreciate each other, compliment each others’ physique, sexual prowess, etc and this encourage each other to be even better in sex.


Health is vital for real passionate sex. First, make sure both of you are free from any STI that would hinder you from enjoying sex freely. There is a great degree of trust when two people get intimate knowing that no one is at a risk of acquiring some infection from each other. Before moving in with a new lover, get tested for STIs and HIV just to be sure, otherwise, use barrier protection.

The other element of health is being as healthy as you can be adhering to healthy standards of life. Adhere to nutritional foods that enhance physical energy and immunity, sex burns calories hence you must be very healthy in order to experience ultimate sexual pleasure.  Read Feeding for sex.

Also do moderate exercises to build endurance for your body, exercise covers both your entire body and special exercises that target human sexuality e.g. Jelqing for the penis, Kegels for both penis and vagina etc. On more about healthy lifestyle open link NEW START.


Everybody is made differently, some people are more energetic than others, others are taller than others etc and thus also in sex some have more sexual energy or desire, others have bigger/smaller sexual organs etc.

With sexual compatibility it might be necessary that your desires, energies, fantasies match or compliment each other otherwise, there will be a problem in bedroom. If one partner has fewer libidos, the other partner may feel sexually neglected. With compatibility you can choose to compromise and persevere, or one partner to seek to enhance his/her sexual energy, desire, libido etc.

With some, simple physical adjustments and general lifestyle adjustment is all they need in order to match the other partner’s energy. But with others, some more extreme measures like penis and vagina exercises meant to enhance the organs’ energy, endurance, size, elasticity, grip etc may be necessary.


Sex is not a chore or a routine, or some very serious business. Play sexual games with your partner e.g. blindfolding each other then touch whatever part you think you can reach, play some bondage, subduing, and seduction games during foreplay.

You can also play some cards and poker games, where the loser will be your “passionate slave” for the night.

There are many other games you can play "strip" to, as long as there is regular winner and loser to reward and punish respectively. The great part about these games is that you can both ask the other person to do something in a certain way that you may not necessarily have ever done before. It can get rather filthy, and definitely lead to better sex in the end.



There is power in the spoken and heard words and that applies to sex too. Sexy talks are known to make the blood flow faster during sex since the words stimulates what they physical touch can’t, the mind which is the biggest sexual organ. The spoken word evokes emotions, sensations and blood flow to various regions, depending on the topic.

Women are more susceptible to what goes into their ears more than men so sexy talks excites them more and faster than even touching and kisses. Practice sweet and sexy names to be calling each other during sex, also try by mentioning each other’s sexual organs with sexy names e.g. the jade for penis, honey pot for the vagina etc and many more.

Before engaging into some sex talks, make sure you are comfortable with each other since too much when someone is not used to may be a turn off, especially to someone still new to sex.

Read more on sex talks here.


Sex is also something you can explore. Here, sex is limited to your imagination, comfort level, etc.

Try out various sex styles and techniques just to spice up your sex life. Try sex also in different locations of your house e.g. on the coach, sometimes in the bedroom floor etc

Also try varying sex durations and vigor e.g. try quickie sex lasting less than 10 minutes, try wild sex using a lot of energy and great moves, try marathon sex lasting as long as you can, try tantric sex that engages more of your senses than physical self, also try edging i.e. coming close to orgasm but staying on that aroused plateau for as long as you can so as to intensify the orgasm, or even try coitus reservitis a concept where the man/women or both partners enjoy intimacy but don’t let the sex end up in orgasm. This preserves the vital energy to be used later.

You can also try the concept of multiple orgasms and Taoism sex techniques where a man is capable of having a series of orgasm without ejaculating.


Sensual touch is something that can really excite your partner’s senses and induce relaxation that is vital for sexual engagement. A sexual massage is the key to unlocking the sexual energy that may be lying dormant in your partner for a long time, or she/he does not even know it exists in her/his body.

Sexual massage is supposed to be one of the things lovers should master for each others’ sexual benefits. Massaging stimulates optimal blood flow to the body organs. You can have your partner lie on his/her stomach. Start by massaging the head sides to induce mental relaxation. Then massage your way slowly down her/his neck, the back, buttocks, don’t forget the hands especially the finger tips, and work all the way to the feet. You can add the pleasure by being more creative e.g. using a fine silk cloth or an improvised feather to massage and stimulate the nerve ends.

You can also have your partner lie facing up, massage him/her from the head towards the toes, and then pay special attention to the pubic area close to the sexual organs to stimulate blood flow and relaxation. This way, you may even discover each other’s hot spots and pleasure zones.


After being in a relationship or marriage for a time, sex may tend to become boring. But being a bit adventurous and freaky in sex can end this boredom and keep the fire burning.

When the passionate moment is on, try doing a move that you rarely or have never done e.g. spank your partner’s butt, grab his butts and pull him vigorously inside you, gently but firmly squeeze her breasts, rub her clitoral hood vigorously, hold her hands as if handcuffing her and tell her, “now you are all mine”, be a bit acrobatic in sex as long as you can…etc its all about being creative and adventurous.

The reality is whatever you feel comfortable to do, do it and it will enhance your sex life more.


You can as well try having sex in another place away from your normal settings e.g. in a park (as long as you won’t get caught), while swimming, in a sleep in hotel, etc. Some couples who really have build trust in each other swap homes during holidays or for a weekend too!

Whatever tickles your fancy can work for you. The rest is limited to your imaginations.


This is by far the most important in passionate lovers, falling deeply in love. True passionate love enhances trust, closeness, self-appreciation and mutual appreciation, tender feelings, desire to please your partner, self-sacrifice etc

Engage often in all activities that enhance your love for each other e.g. walking hand in hand in a park, going on outings, playing games together, joking with each other and being playful, being romantic to each other, etc

Religious couples, who pray together, attend church services together etc tend to be closer to each other too. Always remember to pray to God too to enhance and protect your love.

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